About Us

What is NewsFacts & Analysis?

NewsFacts & Analysis is a nonpartisan current events teaching tool assigned to college students by their political science and/or international relations professors.

Is it objective?

NewsFacts & Analysis provides reliable news and fact-based analysis with no political, ideological, or religious affiliation of any kind.

How often is it published?

Published biweekly throughout the September—May academic year, each issue features an in-depth examination of an important news event.

Is it easy to assign?

Yes. The news is presented in context so that students can follow events independently without having to rely on additional instruction from a professor. NewsFacts & Analysis provides a convenient supplement to syllabi in a wide range of courses in political science and international relations.

What are the assignments?

Each issue has four short sections:

Feature Article • Video Report • Discussion Board • News Quiz

The NewsFacts & Analysis Political Dictionary is a current events resource that helps build current events literacy.

How is it graded?

The grading is automatic. Professors simply take a few minutes to check their online gradebook for the results, enabling them to stay focused on core curricula while ensuring that students are knowledgeable about unfolding events.